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StoColor System

Coordinates-based colour system for architecture – the new StoColor System

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The StoColor System comprises of 1,400 colour shades – endless possibilities


The new coordinates-based StoColor System delivers a whole host of composition options for architectural design situations, based on a colour wheel with 72 colour areas.


First of all, the concept behind it: the StoColor System has a holistic approach and is designed for the long term. It’s also important to highlight the variety that users benefit from within the overall concept, of course: it contains 1,000 colour shades for facades, 225 specifically designed for interiors, plus 240 lacquers, glazes, and stains. There is also a range of historic and culturally significant colour shades.


Draw inspiration from a systematic range of pre-selected colour shades and experience your ideas through the new colour system – in a way that’s user-focused, precise, and stylish.


Our ranges are designed to provide you with support during your projects and help you find exactly the colour combination you’re looking for, whether you’re working with a facade or an interior. Find out more about the new StoColor System and our other colour shade collections – and get inspired, or please contact us


New StoColor System Story


StoColor 2022 - Exterior Range


StoColor 2022 - Interior Range


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ASE Palettes for Adobe


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JPG Paint Textures


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