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    StoColor System

    A planning tool to assist in finding a colour for your Sto System


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    Repairs for cracked and leaky substrates


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Launch of Stoaustralia.com.au

After months of hard work and commitment, Sto Australia Pty Ltd is excited to premier its brand new website; stoaustralia.com.au. We focused on making our website fast and user-friendly and we hope that you enjoy your time here.

This is your hub for all Sto products in Australia. With information on our various construction solutions, data sheets, specifications and more, you'll find all you need to assist in your build at stoaustralia.com.au. This will also be the first point of contact for any new information or products we may have. We're continually working to introduce more Sto products to Australia, so make sure to check back regularly to not miss any updates.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to email us at sales@stoaustralia.com.au